About Us

U-INSPIRE is an all volunteer nonprofit aiming to restore the ties that bind community by being the vehicle through which neighbors share goods, and information while also empowering individuals.

U-INSPIRE is local, wherever you are. Our volunteers, recipients, and givers are people right in your community. U-INSPIRE is an information resource where you can and exchange resources with people in your community.

Our work is a demonstration of love in action. This love creates ties that bind individuals to form communities. Finally, we believe that when people learn, love and live together in community; the possibilities are limitless.

Helping the Homeless


Carmen A.

Carmen - U-inspire Founder

Why I started U-INSPIRE? I started U-INSPIRE because I saw and still see suffering and disparities, I didn’t just want to talk about suffering and disparities. I wanted to be an avenue to connect people in need to resources that could bring about change for them. 

Who or what inspires you? Jesus 

Why are you in nonprofit work? It’s one of the best ways to get individuals and businesses involved in some capacity.